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Welcome to Season 1 of the award-winning Precision Medicine Podcast

Clinical conversations about the effective use of precision medicine for cancer care.

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Season 1
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Dr. Selin Kurnaz of Massive Bio Explains the Need to Operationalize Patient Support in Precision Cancer Care

Dr. Selin Kurnaz, CEO and cofounder of Massive Bio talks with us about the importance of increasing patient accessibility to clinical trials, FDA changes that affect clinical trial matching and the challenge of harmonizing disparate healthcare data for better patient careListen here

Airdate: 12.19.19   |   Length: 11:52

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YouScript CEO Kristine Ashcraft on Advancing Precision Medicine by Breaking Down Information Silos

In this episode, we talk with Kristine Ashcraft, founder and CEO of YouScript, a platform that synthesizes all evidence impacting drug response, including pharmacogenetic testing, to support doctors and pharmacists in making faster, more proactive decisions at the point of care. Listen here

Airdate: 11.21.19   |   Length: 22:30

Expanding the Reach of Precision Medicine: Dr. Bruce Johnson former ASCO President and DFCI Leader Shares His Platform

Dr. Bruce Johnson, Chief Clinical Research Officer from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, joins us to discuss how recent advances in treating rare cancers can help drive the understanding and expansion of precision medicine. Listen here

Airdate: 11.08.19   |   Length: 24:26

Can Precision Medicine Be a Win-Win for All Stakeholders? Dr. Edward Abrahams of The PMC Believes It’s Possible

Dr. Edward Abrahams is President of the Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC). Here, we discuss the evolution of precision medicine and the value it can bring to all stakeholders, including innovators, scientists, patients, providers, and payers. Listen here

Airdate: 10.25.19   |   Length: 20:49

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Dr. Erica Stringer-Reasor Shares Her Expertise on Precision Medicine Advancements in Breast Cancer 

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, Dr. Erica Stringer-Reasor joins us to discuss how breast cancer has led the way in the adoption of precision medicine. Dr. Stringer-Reasor is an expert in the field of breast cancer, a fast-rising star in cancer research and Assistant Professor of Hematology Oncology at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. Listen here

Airdate: 10.09.19   |   Length: 18.21

Nigel Russell: Creating a Community of Precision Medicine Leaders by Leveraging the Media to Drive Innovation 

Nigel Russell, Founder and Co-president of the Journal of Precision Medicine and host of the Precision Medicine Leadership Summit, Nigel Russell shares how his team communicates the importance and challenges of precision medicine to a broad and sometimes under-informed readership. Listen here

Airdate: 09.26.19   |   Length: 17.21

Jack West Head shot cropped.jpg
Jack West Head shot cropped.jpg
Dr. Jack West Part 2: Bridging the Gap Between Academic and Community Oncology for Better Precision Medicine Outcomes 

In Part Two of our two-part interview with Dr. Jack West, Associate Clinical Professor at the City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center, we discuss the differences between how community oncologists are applying—or in many cases not applying—precision medicine as opposed to how it is applied by academic oncologists. Listen here

Airdate: 09.10.19   |   Length: 14.32

Randall Broad on the Importance of Two-Way Communication Between Cancer Patients and Their Physicians 

Ten-year cancer survivor and patient advocate Randall Broad, shares his personal story with stage III non-small cell lung cancer and how that experience made him acutely aware of the need for improved communication between patients and physicians in an effort to facilitate mutual understanding and better outcomes. Listen here

Airdate: 08.26.19   |   Length: 25.31

3 Trends That Can Change Cancer Care Forever: Part 2 Podcast with Dr. Michael Kolodziej   

Dr. Michael Kolodziej is a pioneer in developing value-based reimbursement models for cancer care. In this Part Two episode, he talks about the second two trends from his FLASCO keynote – Payer Reform and Alternative Payer Models. He also discusses his take on recent health plan mega-mergers. Listen here

Airdate: 08.13.19   |   Length: 19.34

Chet Burrell on How Trapelo Will Help Payers Manage the Growth of Precision Oncology to Improve Member Care and Lower Costs

Mr. Chet Burrell, former president and CEO of Care First Blue Cross Blue Shield and Executive Chairman of the Intervention Insights Board of Directors, discusses the challenges payers face in managing the growth of precision medicine for cancer care and why he's championing Trapelo's precision diagnostic platform as the first collaborative technology solution. Listen here

Airdate: 07.25.19   |   Length: 24.02

Dr. Jack West of City of Hope Shares Why Time-Strapped Community Oncologists Aren't Applying Precision Medicine 

In this first episode with Dr. Jack West, we discuss the state of precision oncology and the challenges providers face when it comes to performing the right molecular tests to appropriately prescribe targeted therapies. Listen here

Airdate: 07.08.19   |   Length: 26.11

Dr. Michael Astion and PLUGS – a Laboratory Stewardship Program to Foster Precision Medicine Best Practices 

Laboratories just might be the epicenter of the precision medicine industry, so we were thrilled to have Dr. Michael Astion from Seattle Children's Hospital introduce us to PLUGS, (Patient Centered Laboratory Utilization Guidance Service), a grassroots program he co-founded that exists to promote and strengthen laboratory stewardship. Listen here

Airdate: 06.28.19   |   Length: 33.23

Jeanette McCarthy Returns to Discuss the Value of Pharmacogenetics in Clinical Practice

We’ve received many questions about the challenges clinicians face in knowing when to use pharmacogenetic tests in practice. So we invited our resident "genome educator" back! In this episode Jeanette McCarthy, co-founder of Precision Medicine Advisors, returns to address those questions and discuss some of the issues health care providers face. Listen here

Airdate: 06.20.19   |   Length 24:00

3 Trends That Can Change Cancer Care Forever: A 2-Part Podcast with Dr. Michael Kolodziej   

Dr. Michael Kolodziej, VP and CIO ADVI Health, who is a pioneer in developing value-based reimbursement models for cancer care. In this Part One episode, he covers the first of the three trends: Biosimilars. Specifically, he explains what they are and how they are impacting the cost of cancer care today. Listen here

Airdate: 06.03.19   |   Length: 20:10

Precision Oncology and the Science of Racial Disparities: Two Researchers Discuss the Importance of Identifying Differences   

Airdate: 05.23.19   |   Length: 32:20

Dr. Windy Dean-Colomb, an MD Anderson-trained MD, PhD, and practicing medical oncologist, and Dr. Clayton Yates, a professor of biology at Tuskegee University and director of the university's Multidisciplinary Center for Biomedical Research, discuss the importance of studying and addressing racial disparities in oncology. Tune in

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Bringing the Payer and Provider Perspectives Together: Dr. Lee Newcomer Shares His Unique Take on Precision Oncology

How precision medicine is moving oncologists away from population-based treatments to more patient-appropriate care. We were honored to ask Dr. Lee Newcomer, board-certified oncologist and former SVP of oncology and genetics at UnitedHealthcare, some pressing questions about the current costs of cancer care, how diagnostics are currently reimbursed and who should control the development of those diagnostics. His answers gave us a lot to think about. Listen here

Airdate: 05.14.19   |   Length: 26:57

Are We There Yet? NantHealth CMO Discusses Why It’s Time for Precision Medicine in Practice
Guest:  Dr. Bobby Reddy, CMO Nanthealth
Guest Dr. Sandeep “Bobby” Reddy talks about how he became an early adopter of precision medicine and the opportunities that exist to present its economic benefits. Listen here

Airdate: 05.07.19   |   Length: 28:05

Taking the Lead in Precision Medicine as a Surgeon
Guest:  Dr. Peter Beitsch, Dallas Surgical Group
In this Part Two with Dr. Peter Beitsch, he shares how uncovering flaws in population-based cancer treatments led him to become an advocate for individualized patient care. Listen here
In Part One, Dr. Beitsch discusses his study published by the Clinical Journal of Oncology titled, Underdiagnosis of Hereditary Breast Cancer: Are Genetic Testing Guidelines a Tool or an Obstacle?  Part One
Airdate: 04.29.19   |   Length: 22:54
Trapelo Leaders Discuss: Is Collaboration the Key to Easing the Burdens of Prior Authorization in Precision Medicine Today?   Guest:  Clynt Taylor

Clynt Taylor, CEO of Intervention Insights, has spent his entire career in healthcare technology bringing game-changing innovations to market, but when a journey with cancer became personal his vision for realizing the potential of precision medicine changed entirely. Listen here

Airdate: 03.27.2019   |   Length: 32:52

Airdate: 03.19.19    |    Length: 20.42

Digital Health Tools Are Disrupting Precision Medicine, and Luba Greenwood is On Board

Luba Greenwood, J.D., Strategic Business Development at Google Life Sciences, joins us to discuss innovative digital health tools in precision medicine and the greater healthcare space—and what it takes to prove product worth to investors. Luba shares her commitment to make Boston a digital health hub and the many mentorship opportunities that exist for entrepreneurs in this market. Listen here

Airdate: 03.10.19    |    Length: 20.42

Re-engineering Precision Medicine: a Patient Perspective on the Gap Between Innovation and Application 
Guest:  Brad Power, Patient Advocate and Journalist
In this episode Brad Power, a courageous journalistic voice, and lymphoma survivor, shares why he's fighting for greater access to precision medicine in clinical practice. Brad has also worked as a re-engineering consultant and has authored over 75 articles for the Harvard Business Review. Listen here

Airdate:  02.25.19    |    Length: 20:43

Championing Precision Medicine Education for the Masses – Meet the Genome Educator
Guest: Jeanette McCarthy, Precision Medicine Advisors
In this episode, Jeanette McCarthy, co-founder of Precision Medicine Advisors and genome educator, joins us to discuss the importance of educating everyone involved in precision medicine—including healthcare providers, payers, and even patients—about its day-to-day applicationsListen here

Airdate: 02.21.19   |   Length 24:05

Are Current Genetic Testing Guidelines Outdated?  Guest:  Dr. Peter Beitsch, Dallas Surgical Group
NCCN testing guidelines have long been a key tool that payers use to decide which cancer patients will be covered for genetic testing. Now, with the rapid growth of precision medicine, it has become more important than ever to ensure every patient that should be tested is tested, raising new questions about how effectively and consistently current guidelines are applied. Dr. Peter Beitsch addresses some of those questions in a study published by the Journal of Clinical Oncology and many are saying will have a major impact on women with breast cancer in the future. Listen here

Airdate: 02.04.19   |   Length: 19:40

This is Cancer: How A Breast Cancer Diagnosis Turned a Young Mom into an Author and Precision Medicine Patient Advocate    Guest:  Laura Holmes Haddad

All of the conversations we have here at the Precision Medicine Podcast are focused on uncovering both barriers and solutions to realizing the promise of precision medicine. Our time with Laura Holmes Haddad, an author, speaker, and breast cancer “thriver,” was especially meaningful, because it serves as a reminder that improving patient care—and giving every patient the best chance at beating cancer—is the ultimate goal. Listen here

Airdate: 01.21.19   |   Length: 19:58

Charting a Path to Prevention
Guest:  Dr. Keith Stewart, Mayo Clinic

Personalized medicine offers new hope for cancer patients, but those such a significant illness are not the only ones who can benefit from it. Dr. Keith Stewart joined us for an eye-opening discussion about how his team at the Mayo Clinic is exploring the possibilities of using precision medicine for the prevention and maintenance of a “healthy genome” in people who have not yet developed a disease. Listen here

Airdate: 01.11.19    |   Length: 22.07

Hannah Mamuszka headshot current 1_edite
Moving Diagnostics to the Forefront of Precision Medicine  Guest:  Hannah Mamuszka

Diagnostics tests are critical for properly applying precision medicine in cancer care, yet they are still undervalued by payers. We spoke with Hannah Mamuszka, founder of Alva10, about the hurdles diagnostic companies face getting technology accepted and used for patients within our health care system—one of the biggest hurdles being reimbursement. Listen here

Airdate: 12.27.18    |    Length: 17.26

Enabling Precision Oncology Using RNA-Based Information and Technologies
Guest:  Dr. Dave Messina

In oncology today, diagnostic technology tools are key to helping scientists unlock the potential of precision medicine, so we were thrilled when Dave Messina, Chief Operating Officer of Cofactor Genomics, agreed to be a guest on The Precision Medicine podcast to talk about the importance of such tools. Listen here

Airdate: 12.21.18    |    Length: 21:45

The Indispensable Role of Pathologists to the Future of Precision Oncology
Guest:  Dr. Tony Magliocco


The impact of precision medicine is on everyone’s mind these days—especially those on the front lines of cancer care. So, it was an honor to get the perspective of one of the most vocal and forward-thinking pathologists in oncology today: Dr. Tony Magliocco, Chair of Pathology and Executive Director of Esoteric Laboratory Services at H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida. Listen here

Airdate: 11.23.18    |    Length: 20:46

Seasons: 5 | 4 | 3 | 2 | 1

How can we resolve the complexities of using precision medicine for cancer care?

Trapelo knows.

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