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How can pharmaceutical companies connect more cancer patients to life-extending targeted therapies and clinical trials?

Trapelo knows.

Trapelo is the first-of-its-kind, precision medicine platform to align pharmaceutical companies and oncology networks around the goal of improving patient access to targeted therapies and clinical trials.

Trapelo makes it possible to:

  • Accelerate clinical trial accrual 

  • Gain valuable insights into practice testing patterns 

  • Eliminate under-testing for certain biomarkers

  • Ensure consistent screening of patients for actionable gene targets that may indicate a precision therapy is appropriate

  • Increase the chances that patients will have access to life-extending therapies


Trapelo’s Actionable Results Viewer
clearly indicates appropriate,
evidence-based therapies and clinical trials to support and standardize
decision-making at the point of care.

Of the 2 million people diagnosed with cancer in the U.S., precision medicine is helping just a few percent. Many doctors still lack expertise in the area and fail to administer the genetic tests that could open the door to a precision medicine treatment.*

Newsweek 2019: By targeting each patient’s unique tumor, precision medicine is crushing once-untreatable cancers. But only a fraction of patients currently benefit. Can medicine close the gap?  


The Most Appropriate Treatment Path

  • Delivers evidence-based, point-of-care decision support on appropriate and accurate genetic testing

  • Simplifies the interpretation of genomic test results to ensure physicians don’t miss opportunities to prescribe precision therapies when appropriate 

Critical Reference Materials and Payment Assistance Information

  • Presents treatment guides and other patient reference materials at the point of care 

  • Enables physicians to better communicate to patients how they may afford the therapies that are right for them 

Reimbursable Tests and Treatments

  • Enables physicians to see which tests and treatments have reimbursement assurance from the start

  • Speeds patient access to life-extending and life-saving therapies


Because Trapelo is integrated into the clinical workflow before tests are performed, it can identify ideal candidates for clinical trials early in the decision-making process.

Trapelo’s advanced analytics provide insights on network-wide practice patterns in genomic testing and treatment selection, and reveals what subsequent action was taken when a patient is matched with an appropriate therapy or trial.


Watch and learn more about what Trapelo knows.

“84% of oncology survey respondents believe it is important to provide guidance to oncologists to help them navigate molecular diagnostics and targeted therapies.”

– The Academy: Quantitative Survey Analysis, 2017

See Trapelo for pharma in a brief demo
Experience our evidence-supported knowledgebase and order management platform for all major cancer types first-hand.


In this episode, author Laura Holmes Haddad shares her battle with stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer and how a clinical trial saved her life. Laura believes access to clinical decision support tools is essential to helping all oncologists realize the potential of precision medicine and provide the care that patients expect.

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