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Trapelo is the result of nearly a decade of collaboration by an expert team of scientists, clinicians and information technologists.

Their ongoing work designing and curating a knowledgebase of all genes, targeted agents and published evidence helps oncologists identify up front precisely what should be tested and for which patients. Trapelo allows oncologists to order such tests from their preferred labs, and then synthesizes the results into standardized, actionable reports. Treatment options are ranked according to levels of evidence, empowering oncologists to make faster, more informed choices with confidence. 


Trapelo's independent validation of appropriate use of molecular testing and targeted treatment selection can be made available to participating payors automatically, obviating the need for traditional prior authorization for labs and providers.

Learn more about what Trapelo knows:

How to standardize value-based precision medicine across the practice by knowing which patients to test, which panels to order, and which labs to use
For Cancer Centers
Which tests and treatments are evidence-supported and should be reimbursed
For Health Plans
How to drive volume and enhance reimbursement
For Testing Labs
How to connect more cancer patients to new precision therapies and clinical trials
For Pharma 

Why Standardizing Precision Medicine Decision Support Should Be a Top Priority for Cancer Centers of Every Size


From Possibility to Clinical Imperative:


How can we resolve the complexities of using precision medicine for cancer care?

Trapelo knows.

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