How can you deliver a better lab experience for oncologists while aligning with payor preferences?

Trapelo knows.

Trapelo is the first, evidence-based technology platform that gives lab managers and pathologists closer connectivity with ordering physicians to optimize the flow of molecular testing, improve order accuracy and maintain lab volume. 

Trapelo’s Actionable Results Viewer presents lab reports with treatments ranked by the highest level of evidence and those that may be automatically authorized for reimbursement. Additionally, Trapelo's Pathology Comment Module enables you to include annotations that will help physicians better understand report results and make more informed treatment decisions.


"In addition to offering an innovative and cost-effective way to choose the right test for the right patient in advance, Trapelo's comprehensive, point-of-care clinical reporting protects patients from prematurely translated genomic findings."

                          – Michelle, Afkhami, City of Hope, Medical Director, Clinical Molecular Diagnostic Lab

Trapelo for Pathologists is:


  • Standardized
    Provides oncology teams with evidence-based guidance on what to order and for which patients, and then maps the recommended tests to biomarker panels to minimize order mistakes, save time and tissue, and expedite the order process

  • Patient-centered
    Ensures patients get the most appropriate tests through the proper molecular testing pathway at the right time in their treatment journey. Trapelo also helps drive clinical trial accruals which is critical to expanding patient care.

  • Centralized
    Automates the test ordering process through an institution's central lab, ensuring that all oncologists in the practice are utilizing internal expertise and capabilities. This minimizes outsourcing and enables pathology departments to maintain or grow lab volume.

  • Transparent
    Provides unmatched transparency between payers and labs to streamline and optimize prior authorization and reimbursement programs

  • Collaborative
    Some of the nation’s leading cancer centers and community oncologists, along with national and regional molecular testing labs, have endorsed Trapelo’s innovative approach to ensuring the scalable, appropriate use of precision medicine for cancer.

How can we resolve the complexities of using precision medicine for cancer care?

Trapelo knows.


Learn more about Trapelo in a brief 15-minute demo

Some experts have suggested the role of pathologists will diminish as precision medicine evolves but Dr. Tony Magliocco, Chair of the Department of Pathology at the H. Lee Mofftt Cancer Center, believes that as the go-to genomic experts, pathologists are uniquely positioned to move the field forward.  Listen to the premiere episode of The Precision Medicine Podcast here.


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