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Author and Breast Cancer “Previvor” Ali Rogan on How Progress in Precision Medicine Empowers Patients to Make Informed Decisions

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we speak with Ali Rogin, author of Beat Breast Cancer Like a Boss and award-winning producer of PBS NewsHour who shares her personal story as a breast cancer previvor. Ali says the progress in precision medicine and genetic testing has given women and men with a predisposition for the disease options they would never have had before, enabling them to make proactive, informed decisions about their future health. Listen here

Airdate: 10.01.21   |   Length: 30:31

Dr. Kashyap Patel Tackles Oncology Treatment Disparities and Brings Light to the Darkest Areas of Cancer Care

For our 50th episode, we welcome Dr. Kashyap Patel, medical oncologist and CEO of Carolina Blood and Cancer Center, current president of the Community Oncology Alliance, and author of a new book, Between Life and Death: From Despair to Hope. Dr. Patel explains the social determinants that can impact the quality of care and opportunity for precision medicine that patients—and specifically oncology patients—receive. For him, Covid-19 brought to light the impact that disparities in healthcare can have for all of us. Listen here

Airdate: 08.27.21   |   Length: 30:31

Dr. Janine Morales, PhD On Applying Precision Medicine More Strategically With Molecular Testing

In this episode, Janine Morales, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at Trapelo Health takes us inside the complex world of evidence-based decision making in oncology. Specifically, she explains how having access to a real-time knowledgebase and a team of experts that curate current clinical evidence can empower providers to make more appropriate decisions at the point of careListen here

Airdate: 07.28.21   |   Length: 32:21

Dr. Howard McLeod on Chasing the Fun and the Power of Collaboration in Precision Medicine

We cover a lot of ground with Dr. McLeod, Medical Director for Precision Medicine at The Geriatric Oncology Consortium, in this podcast including career advice, the advancement of precision medicine technology and the positive impact of COVID on telemedicine and clinical trials. Read the full summary and tune in to the audio below. Listen here

Airdate: 06.17.21   |   Length: 40:16

Bill Bonello and Clynt Taylor Examine the Future of Precision Medicine and How to Provide Better Access to More Patients


Leaders from NeoGenomics Informatics and Trapelo Health discuss challenges in precision medicine and how evidence-based technologies can help deliver more appropriate, value-based care to more patients. As a subtext is the recent acquisition of Trapelo Health which is aimed at improving access to precision medicine testing and treatment. Listen here

Airdate: 05.12.21   |   Length: 29:16

Dr. Caroline Carney and Clynt Taylor Discuss Managing the Total Cost of Care in Precision Medicine


In this notable episode, Dr. Caroline Carney, Chief Medical Officer at Magellan Health, and Clynt Taylor, Trapelo Health CEO, join us to discuss how collaborative technologies can help payers more effectively manage the cost of precision oncology while delivering the best outcomes for patients. Listen here

Airdate: 04.08.21   |   Length: 32:22

Dr. F. Anthony Greco Explains How Precision Medicine Has Led to Better Treatments for Cancers of Unknown Origins


Dr. F. Anthony Greco, medical oncologist at Tennessee Oncology, to discuss the role that precision medicine has played in improving our diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Listen here

Airdate: 03.30.21   |   Length: 33:18

Dr. Gabriel Bien-Willner Part 2: Helping Payers Adapt to the Paradigm Shift of Precision Medicine


Dr. Gabriel A. Bien-Willner, Medical Director of the MolDX program at Palmetto GBA, dives into the core challenges that payers face in navigating the explosion of precision medicine tests and treatments, and how the prior authorization process can be streamlined for better workflow and patient outcomes.  Listen here

Airdate: 02.22.21   |   Length: 25:28

AbbVie’s Christopher Boone Integrates Real-World Data with Precision Medicine for Better Patient Outcomes


In this episode, we talk with Christopher Boone, Vice President and Global Head of Health Economics & Outcomes Research at AbbVie, to hear his thoughts on how using data to understand a patient’s real-world environment can expand the practice of precision medicine Listen here

Airdate: 01.22.21   |   Length: 36:14

Precision Medicine is Coming Faster Than You Think: Guests Rob Metcalf and Clynt Taylor

Airdate: 12.10.20   |   Length: 28:30

In this first Season 3 episode, two innovators in precision medicine technology join us, Rob Metcalf, CEO of Concert Genetics and Clynt Taylor, CEO of Trapelo Health. What we learn from them is that after 20 years of hearing about the “promise of precision medicine,” technology has reached a critical point where it can begin to accelerate that progress. Listen here

Dr. Luis Raez Discusses the Impact of Precision Medicine on Lung Cancer Treatment


In this two-year anniversary episode and in honor of lung cancer awareness month, we spoke with Dr. Luis Raez who specializes in treating lung cancer. Hear how NGS has changed his approach to treating the disease, what notable discoveries in lung cancer have occurred over the last year, and how he sees COVID-19 impacting the treatment of cancer Listen here

Airdate: 11.25.20   |   Length: 35:30

Dr. Gabriel Bien-Willner: Reshaping Reimbursement Policies for Genetic and Genomic Testing


Dr. Gabriel A. Bien-Willner MD, PhD, FCAP, Medical Director at MolDX, and Chief Medical Officer at Palmetto GBA shares how he is supporting payers in gaining expertise and navigating the growing field of precision medicine through evidence-based decision-making.  Listen here

Airdate: 10.29.20   |   Length: 20:30

Breast Cancer Specialist Dr. Mark Moasser Discusses Overcoming Barriers to Clinical Trial Access


Dr. Mark Moasser, a physician-scientist and breast cancer specialist at the University of California, San Francisco discusses his research focus on the HER2 oncogene, the latest trial findings and the importance of improving patient access to clinical trials.  Listen here

Airdate: 09.03.20   |   Length: 24:20

Lori Brisbin Explains How Trapelo Helps Keep Texas Oncology Ahead of the Precision Medicine Curve

Lori Brisbin, Vice President of Precision Medicine at Texas Oncology, shares how this expansive network of oncologists is leveraging the web-based Trapelo™ platform to provide evidence-based decision support to its physicians and bring precision medicine to the forefront of patient care.  Listen here

Airdate: 08.04.20   |   Length: 15:42


Robin Toft on the Life Science Industry’s Talent Crisis, Advancement for Women, and Why It’s Critical for CEO’s to Focus on Diversity

Author and CEO of the Toft Group (a ZRG company), Robin Toft, joins us to discuss her new book, We Can, and share her thoughts on the need for more women and greater diversity in the C-suite and the boardroom within the life science industry.  Listen here

Airdate: 07.01.20   |   Length: 19:24

Dr. Roy Smythe Explains the Importance of Protein Expression in Practicing Precision Medicine

Physician scientist Dr. Roy Symthe discusses how, unlike genes, proteins are always changing and therefore can tell us something new about a patient’s current health state and potentially their future health state. Dr. Smythe is CEO of SomaLogic, a company that scans human proteins to gain insights into the past, current, and future health of patients, making it a promising new technology for precision medicine outcomes.  Listen here

Airdate: 05.28.20   |   Length: 30:11

The ROS1ders: Lung Cancer Patients Turned Precision Medicine Advocates and Superheros

Lung cancer patients Lisa Goldman and Tori Tomalia share their personal stories and motivation to create their organization, the ROS1ders, which advocates and supports those with ROS1-positive cancer— a group that represents just 2% of lung cancer patients.  Listen here

Airdate: 04.29.20   |   Length: 22:59

Dr. John Quackenbush Part 2: Embracing Biological Complexity to Realize the Potential of Precision Medicine

In our second podcast with Dr. John Quackenbush, Chair of the Department of Biostatistics at Harvard University's T.H. Chan School of Public Health, we delved deeper into his approach to understanding cancer by studying entire gene networks rather than simple mutations.  Listen here

Airdate: 03.29.20   |   Length: 15:50

The Impact of Precision Medicine on Gastrointestinal Disease

Dr. Arturo Loaiza-Bonilla, Chief Medical Officer and Director of Research for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia, discusses how precision medicine is changing the treatment of GI cancers. Learn about the personal experiences that inspired his medical career focus and the hidden talent that nearly stole him away. Listen here

Airdate: 03.04.20   |   Length: 24.53

Precision Medicine is Here: Preparing a New Generation of Scientists to Apply It

Barbara Fortini, PhD, Program Director for the Master of Science in Human Genetics and Genomic Data Analytics at the Keck Graduate Institute shares what students of biology and genetics need to know today versus what they needed to know a decade ago, and how she sees those skills being applied in a clinical setting. Listen here

Airdate: 02.14.20   |   Length: 30:35

Airdate: 01.24.20   |   Length: 30:50

Dr. Adam Brufsky shares findings from the recent San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium and the important role of precision medicine

In this episode of the Precision Medicine Podcast, Dr. Adam Brufsky, Medical Director for the Women’s Cancer Program at the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center shares the newest findings presented in December 2019 at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS) and discusses the important role of precision medicine in breast cancer care. Listen here

Dr. John Quackenbush Part 1: Using Massive Data to Approach Precision Medicine Beyond Simple Mutations

In this first episode of season two, Dr. John Quackenbush discusses his approach to understanding what makes cancer cancer by studying entire gene networks rather than simple mutations. Dr. Quackenbush is Chair of the Department of Biostatistics at Harvard University's T.H. Chan School of Public Health and one of the first people to have worked on the Human Genome Project.

Listen here

Airdate: 01.09.20   |   Length: 24:10

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