How can you confidently approve molecular tests and targeted treatments while also minimizing burdensome prior authorization processes?

Trapelo knows.

Trapelo aligns the interests of oncologists, labs, and payers to deliver better care for patients while managing the costs of precision medicine through transparency and real-time automation.

Trapelo's FastPath button signals therapies with the highest-level clinical evidence and payer integration to ensure patients get the most appropriate treatment option when time matters most.



“Trapelo holds the potential to play a critical role in the current evolution of cancer care by helping ensure that the right genetic test is used to detect the right marker which can then be matched with the right intervention at the point of clinical decision-making. This will lead to better patient outcomes and I am pleased to be part of this effort.”    – Chet Burrell, former CareFirst President and CEO

Trapelo for Payers is:


  • Evidence-based
    Assures that that each molecular test ordered through Trapelo meets clinical, evidence-supported standards, so payors can streamline and optimize their prior authorization and reimbursement arrangements.

  • Transparent
    Gives payers a real-time window into the precision medicine decision-making process, enabling a review-by-exception process that avoids unnecessary administrative reviews. Trapelo streamlines workflow for practices and expedites the delivery of appropriate, quality care for patients when time matters most.

  • Patient-centered
    Ensures patients get the most appropriate tests from preferred labs at the right time in their treatment journey.

  • Collaborative
    Some of the nation’s leading cancer centers and community oncologists, along with national and regional molecular testing labs, have endorsed Trapelo’s innovative approach to ensuring the scalable, appropriate use of precision medicine for cancer. ​

How can we resolve the complexities of using precision medicine for cancer care?

Trapelo knows.

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Why is oncology care so expensive?

In this episode, retired UnitedHealthcare executive and now Trapelo board member, Dr. Lee Newcomer shares his deep perspective into the complex dynamics behind drug pricing and reimbursement.


Dr. Newcomer began his career as an oncologist. Having witnessed the enormous disparities between cancer care and cost, he made a conscious move to industry and, today, is one of the most recognized  change-makers in healthcare today.