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Establish a clinically-sound practice of precision medicine


Trapelo is the first, precision diagnostic platform to enable real-time decision support, treatment selection and reimbursement assurance, so every oncologist in your practice can know in seconds which precision medicine path is right for their patient. Choose the Trapelo configuration that's best for your practice and grow your precision oncology programs with confidence.

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“Implementing precision medicine is no longer just a possibility, it is practically imperative. Cancer patients can’t wait.”
                                                     – Michael A. Caligiuri, M.D., President, City of Hope National Medical Center


Designed to help your practice evolve precision oncology best practices quickly and cost effectively to: 

  • Ensure every oncologist across your network is consistent in their use of precision medicine 

  • Streamline the complex workflow of molecular test ordering, lab selection, results interpretation and treatment selection

  • Obviate traditional prior authorization for testing and therapy selection to speed patient care when time matters most

Trapelo for Physicians
Trapelo’s complete and configurable molecular test selection and lab order management system supports oncologists in ordering the right tests for the right patients from national molecular labs in our wide network. Test results are presented in both PDF form and through our Actionable Results Viewer that normalizes molecular test results making interpretation and therapy selection easy and consistent for all oncologists across the practice.

Through collaborations with participating payers and pharma, Trapelo's FastPath and Trials features obviate the need for traditional prior authorization and optimize clinical trial accruals respectively. 


Trapelo Enterprise

Enjoy full access to Trapelo's software and advanced analytics at special pricing for larger networks.

Contact us to learn more.


Get started with the Trapelo Program* that's right for you:

 ​*EMR integration is available as an option for Trapelo subscribers.

Contact us to learn how Trapelo can optimize your precision oncology initiatives.

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