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Trapelo Leaders Discuss How Collaboration Can Ease the Burdens of Prior Authorization in Precision Medicine Today


Clynt Taylor, CEO of Intervention Insights, shares his insight in working with large cancer centers to identify and address barriers to precision medicine in cancer care.

Can Collaboration Ease Burdens of Prior Authorization? - Clynt Taylor
Listen to the full episode above and download the full PDF transcript here.

Clynt takes us through his 25-year career in healthcare marketing and how his perspective changed when his father was diagnosed with throat cancer.


Since then, his passion has been leveraging healthcare technologies to improve the patient experience. This focus is what drove him to help develop Intervention Insights’ existing technology platform into Trapelo™, the first real-time precision medicine platform that enables everyone involved in cancer care to align their decision-making and reimbursement policies with the most current clinical evidence in molecular oncology. All to give patients the most appropriate treatment when time matters most.

Clynt talks about the administrative challenges that have plagued healthcare—and, in particular, precision medicine. He says that while traditional prior authorization may have made sense in the past, it has become so burdensome that it cannot scale with the use of precision medicine, which is far more complex and can involve multiple drugs, supportive drugs, and multiple ways to deliver treatments. Clynt believes the next generation of cancer care requires next-generation management that brings all stakeholders to the same table and aligns them around the latest clinical evidence.

In one of the most insightful portions of the podcast, Clynt discusses the individual needs and goals of oncologists, practices, molecular labs and payers, and how their conflicting approaches can be brought together through collaboration. This is an innovative idea, and we all agree that innovation is difficult, but Clynt is confident that Trapelo, and other health technologies like it, can overcome the hurdles.


He feels that this is a sea change, and in three to five years he believes collaboration around clinical evidence is how things will be done as a matter of course.

Clynt notes that this type of shift relies on bold and courageous medical organizations like City of Hope and others for it to gain traction and start changing the lives of patients today.


He says the effect of technologies like Trapelo is that instead of it taking a multitude of steps and four weeks for a doctor to consider and apply precision medicine for a patient, they can now make decisions right away and have the benefit of knowing which clinically-valid molecular tests and treatment approaches are preapproved by payers.

Listen to the full episode above. 

Download the full transcript here (pdf).


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About Our Guest

Clynt Taylor

CEO of Trapelo Health


Clynt Taylor is the Chief Executive Officer of Trapelo Health, formerly Intervention Insights, and a member of the company’s board of directors. He joined Insights in 2017 and brings over 20 years of experience in healthcare technology innovation, both as an entrepreneur and senior executive with startup and growing companies.


Since beginning his career at IBM, he’s held leadership roles at healthcare technology companies like NextGen, where he led sales and marketing teams; HealthVision as General Manager of its fastest-growing division (purchased by Lawson) and Galvanon as Co-founder and CEO Healthcare Solutions (purchased by NCR). Most recently, he held various senior executive roles with NantHealth - including leading the innovation, launch and commercialization of eviti, Inc., recognized today as one of the nation’s premier oncology decision-support solutions. Clynt is married with four children and lives in the Dallas area.



Twitter: @Clyntbt

LinkedIn:  Clynt Taylor

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