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3 Trends That Can Change Cancer Care Forever: Part 2 Podcast with Dr. Michael Kolodziej


Dr. Michael Kolodziej is Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer at ADVI Health, a Washington, D.C.-based healthcare consulting and strategy firm, and a pioneer in developing value-based reimbursement models for cancer care. Having seen him present his talk, “The Healthcare Landscape of 2025: 3 Trends That Can Change Cancer Care Forever,” at a Florida Association of Clinical Oncology (FLASCO) event, we were anxious to revisit his thinking on the subject.

Kolodziej Part Two: Three Trends Changing Cancer Care - Dr. Michael Kolodziej
Listen to the full episode above and download the full PDF transcript here.

In this, the second podcast, Dr. Kolodziej talks about two trends – Payer Reform & Alternative Payer Models. He spoke with us at length about his take on mega-mergers, such as those between Aetna and CVS and Humana and Anthem. He admitted that the Humana/Anthem merger would have been a monopoly, giving them 75% of market share, but believes that the Aetna/CVS merger is about more than gaining market share. He sees the possibility that the merger would create a model for payers to manage costs by treating chronic conditions in a way that improves the consumer experience.


We went on to discuss oncology models for value-based care, something Dr. Kolodziej has spent much of his career focusing on.


He notes that much of the innovation is happening in Medicare, simply because cancer is a disease of aging, and nearly 50% of all oncology patients are on Medicare.


Still, he believes that there are plenty of innovative ideas being tried in the commercial sector as well, including a model developed by one of our previous podcast guests, Dr. Lee Newcomer, which is an episode-based model that pays doctors a lump sum for the period of active treatment and incentivizes them by offering more money for better performance.

Listen to the full episode above to hear more from Dr. Kolodziej, a true expert on developing value-based cancer care.

Check out his Part One Podcast on Biosimilars

Download the full transcript of the episode here (pdf).


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About Our Guest

Dr. Michael Kolodziej

Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, ADVI Health

Dr. Kolodziej attended college and medical school at Washington University in St. Louis, where he was Phi Beta Kappa and Alpha Omega Alpha. He completed internal medicine and hematology-oncology training at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and, after completing training, joined the faculty at the University of  Oklahoma School of Medicine where he was an associate professor.


1998, Dr. Kolodziej joined New York Oncology and was a partner in the practice until December 2012. He was an active member and executive on the of the U.S. Oncology Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee from 2002-2011 and chairman from 2004-2011. He served as Medical Director for Oncology Services for U.S. Oncology from 2007-2011. In this role, he helped direct the implementation of the USON clinical pathways initiative, the integration of the USON EMR into this program, and the development of the USON disease management and advanced care planning programs, now known as Innovent Oncology.


Dr. Kolodziej became National Medical Director of Oncology Solutions at Aetna in 2013. While there, he directed Aetna’s oncology delivery reform pilots and was the architect of the Aetna Oncology Medical Home program. He was also active in Aetna’s pharmacy policy, condition analysis, and genetics subcommittees.


In 2016, Dr. Kolodziej accepted a position as National Medical Director of Managed Care Strategy at Flatiron Health, where he applied the core tech and data capabilities of Flatiron to facilitate practice transformation and success in alternative payment models. He joined ADVI in 2017.


Dr. Kolodziej is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians, and he has published and spoken extensively on payment reform, personalized medicine, and practice care delivery transformation in oncology.

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