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Nigel Russell: Creating a Community of Precision Medicine Leaders by Leveraging the Media to Drive Innovation 


In this podcast, Nigel Russell, Founder and Co-president of the Journal of Precision Medicine and host of the Precision Medicine Leadership Summit, joins us to talk about how his team communicates the importance and challenges of Precision Medicine to a broad and sometimes under-informed readership.

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Nigel points out that his audience is broad and includes a range of stakeholders, including physicians, scientists, clinicians, and regulatory individuals. This makes it extremely important to keep the editorial content of the Journal diverse. He notes that in addition to oncology, which he deems to be “the poster child of precision medicine,” there is also a lot of interest in the cardiovascular arena, autoimmune diseases, rare diseases and infectious diseases, and so those are important topics for his team to cover as well.


Because precision medicine is a broad term that means different things to different stakeholders, Nigel says that it can be tricky to communicate the importance of precision medicine to the masses. In addition, he notes that many of those on the frontlines of medicine—such as general practitioners in rural areas—lack a basic understanding of what precision medicine is and how to apply it in their practices.

One of the ways Nigel and his team work to overcome these barriers is by hosting the Precision Medicine Leader’s Summit, which brings stakeholders together to discuss the issues institutions and individuals are having implementing Precision Medicine. This year, three summits have been organized: an eastern summit to be held on the campus of UPenn School of Medicine in Philadelphia, a western summit in Torrey Pines, California, and finally, a southern summit at the Texas Medical Center Innovation Institute in Houston.


The goal of these summits is to create a community of individuals who come together to discuss the challenges they themselves face when trying to implement precision medicine within their institutions. Ultimately, he believes collaborative thinking can help shape the way precision medicine is integrated into healthcare systems on a global scale.


Some notable speakers at the summits include:

  • Dr. Mike Montalto, VP of translational medicine at Bristol-Myers Squibb, who will talk about the path from exploratory research to commercialization;

  • Dr. Bob Vonderheide of the University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine, who will discuss high-dimensional profiling of human immune system;

  • and Dr. Grace Cordovano, CEO & Founder Enlightening Results, LLC, who will discuss Precision Medicine from the patient perspective.


The leadership and time that Nigel Russell is giving to move the Precision Medicine forward is admirable. To  subcribe to the Journal 

Take a listen to the full episode above to learn how you can join the ongoing conversation.

Download the full transcript of the episode here (pdf).


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