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Precision Medicine Moves Fast – How One of the Nation’s Leading Oncology Practices is Staying Ahead

This 45-minute webinar hosted by The Journal of Precision Medicine brings together two experts in the field of precision oncology, Clynt Taylor, CEO of Trapelo Health and Lori Brisbin, Vice President of Precision Medicine at Texas Oncology. Together, they discuss the challenges and solutions for managing precision oncology in this complex and rapidly evolving ecosystem of healthcare.

During this webinar you'll learn:

  • Why now is the time to implement collaborative solutions that address the complexities of precision medicine for greater patient access

  • How can cancer centers and oncology networks ensure that every doctor has clear easy access to “pathways” for molecular testing so that every patient who is a candidate for precision medicine treatment has access?

  • How Texas Oncology, one of the nation’s largest networks, is leveraging the Trapelo platform to support their own precision medicine pathways

  • How Trapelo can ease the burdens of prior authorization for molecular testing

We wrap up with a live Q&A with audience members from cancer centers, health plans, labs, pharma and more. We had so many great questions we couldn't answer them all during the live presentation. Download the full Q&A here.

“For the first time, we have a fully-automated method for ordering a precision medicine test that is integrated back into our EMR and to the physician. This electronic transfer was really the 'easy button' and just as impactful as the evidence-based rules that Trapelo offers.”  - Lori Brisbin, VP Precision Medicine, Texas Oncology

About the Presenters


Lori Brisbin, VP Precision Medicine, Texas Oncology
Lori Brisbin is a molecular biologist who leads Texas Oncology’s Precision Medicine program. Texas Oncology is one of the nation’s largest cancer networks with over 490 physicians and oncology specialists across 210 locations throughout Texas and southeastern Oklahoma. Lori is responsible for maximizing the use of precision medicine across the network with a focus on data capture and utilization for research as well as collaboration with pharmaceutical partners for clinical-trials matching and data aggregation.


Clynt Taylor, CEO, Trapelo Health

Clynt Taylor is the Chief Executive Officer of Trapelo Health and a member of the company’s board of directors. He joined Insights in 2017 and brings over 20 years of experience in healthcare technology innovation, both as an entrepreneur and senior executive with startup and growing companies.


Prefer to Listen?


Hear from Ms. Brisbin on the Precision Medicine Podcast.

Hear Laura Holmes Haddad's story with stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer and how that experience inspired her to become an author and champion for precision medicine.

How can we resolve the complexities of using precision medicine for cancer care?

Trapelo knows.

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