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Lori Brisbin Explains How Trapelo Helps Keep Texas Oncology Ahead of the Precision Medicine Curve


In this episode, Clynt Taylor, CEO at Trapelo Health, talks with Lori Brisbin, Vice President of Precision Medicine at Texas Oncology, one of the largest practices in the United States. The discussion centers on how this expansive network of oncologists is leveraging the web-based Trapelo™ platform to provide evidence-based decision support to its physicians and bring precision medicine to the forefront of patient care.


Lori began the discussion by sharing her early concerns about implementing a decision-support platform for a large and diverse network that includes 490 oncologists treating all tumor types. She thought it might be difficult for them to reach a consensus on how the platform should work. What she found was that, because Texas Oncology already practiced evidence-based medicine, it was easier to introduce a platform with an evidence-based rules engine.

Because Trapelo bases its testing and treatment pathways on the latest clinical evidence, it was already in alignment with how Texas Oncology approached precision medicine, but it simplified the decision-making process to ensure consistent access for patients.


As Lori says, “…what Trapelo offered us was a very, very simple algorithm that really speaks to the clinician’s language. It really speaks toward the patient, their stage of their disease.”

Trapelo did not have to be implemented within Texas Oncology’s EMR, which would have made it impossible to use because their EMR does not integrate with anything other than their laboratory information system. Instead, Trapelo was implemented in a cloud-based application that physicians and clinicians could easily access. That system is integrated within Texas Oncology’s electronic test-ordering system, so they now have a fully automated method for ordering reference laboratory tests.

Lori says that she is impressed by how easy Trapelo is for physicians to use and the consistency of the platform. She says, “We have had absolutely no downtime with the Trapelo application, our laboratory information system, and the laboratories that the test orders go to. It has worked out very well.”

Another key benefit is that Trapelo provides Texas Oncology with ongoing insight into how physicians and clinicians are ordering tests, and it follows the process through to the laboratory that is performing the test. They can also see how often physicians comply with evidence-based pathways for treatment while still allowing physicians to treat their patients in the way they think is best.

We invite you to listen to the full episode and to check out the webinar Precision Medicine Moves Fast – How One of the Nation’s Leading Oncology Practices is Staying Ahead, which features excerpts of Clynt and Lori’s discussion along with questions and answers from the live audience. You can also contact us to request a demo of the Trapelo platform to see how it can benefit your practice or network.

Download the full transcript of the episode here (pdf).


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About Our Guest
Lori Brisbin, Vice President of Precision Medicine, Texas Oncology

Lori Brisbin is a molecular biologist who leads Texas Oncology’s Precision Medicine program. Texas Oncology is one of the nation’s largest cancer networks with over 490 physicians and oncology specialists across 210 locations throughout Texas and southeastern Oklahoma. Lori is responsible for maximizing the use of precision medicine across the network with a focus on data capture and utilization for research as well as collaboration with pharmaceutical partners for clinical-trials matching and data aggregation.


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