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Intervention Insights Officially Becomes Trapelo Health

BURLINGTON, MA – March 10, 2020: Clynt Taylor, CEO of Intervention Insights, announced this week that the company will become known as Trapelo Health. Taylor explained that the new name reflects a commitment to the company’s platform, Trapelo, which launched in December 2018. 


Trapelo represents an evolution of Intervention Insights’ capabilities, which are built on a continuously updated, data-driven knowledgebase of published clinical literature and precision medicine data. The first-of-its-kind, technology platform unites oncologists, molecular labs, and payers around the goals of improving patient outcomes and managing costs by providing real-time decision support for testing and treatment selection at the point of care.  


With the rapidly changing pace of precision medicine, oncologists face exceptional complexities when making decisions about targeted tests and therapies, including a continuous stream of new clinical evidence, a molecular testing ecosystem that can be difficult to navigate, and a burdensome prior authorization process.

“Trapelo solves these problems by aligning stakeholders around evidence-based decision support at the point of care,” says Taylor. “Trapelo knows which patients will benefit from testing, what markers to test, which labs and panels are preferred by the practice and payer – and it facilitates the entire process in seconds, not days.”

Trapelo provides a shared resource that brings together the valuable input of physicians, labs, and payers to improve workflow and strengthen its value proposition for all stakeholders.

“We have found oncologists, labs and payers to be remarkably open and eager to embrace a better way to work together in the new age of precision medicine,” says Russ Ingersoll, Ph.D., Chief Product Officer. “The Trapelo platform integrates seamlessly into the practice workflow, eases the burdens of prior authorization, and addresses the challenges of labs and payers.”


In 2019, Intervention Insights launched the first implementation of Trapelo at City of Hope, a private, not-for-profit clinical research center, hospital, and graduate medical school in Duarte, California. By midyear, the first collaboration connecting oncologists, labs, and payers was underway.  


As of this release, oncologists are successfully using Trapelo in numerous practice locations that benefit from the agile and configurable nature of the platform, and they are measuring extraordinary results in vivid detail, including high levels of compliance with quality, precision medicine pathways.


To learn more about how Trapelo supports oncologists, practices, labs and payers, visit solutions here.

About Trapelo Health
Trapelo Health is an information technology company on a mission to address the challenges that result from rapid changes in the science, technology and business of next-generation cancer care. Its product, Trapelo, is a win-win solution for doctors, labs and payers that need real-time, evidence-based information and full transparency to make patient-based decisions faster. As part of this commitment, Trapelo is the lead sponsor of The Precision Medicine Podcast a media platform that brings together industry leaders to help accelerate the effective use of precision medicine for cancer care. Tune in and follow us on Twitter @PMPbyTrapelo and on Linked-in.

Media contact:
Karan Cushman, Chief Marketing Officer, Trapelo Health

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