How can we resolve the complexities of precision medicine to give patients the best chance at beating cancer?

Trapelo knows.

Trapelo is the first, single technology platform used by oncologists, labs and payers that streamlines workflow and facilitates real-time alignment in precision medicine. Trapelo obviates the need for traditional prior authorization, enabling value-based care while quickly giving patients the most appropriate, evidence-supported options when time matters most.

Learn more about what Trapelo knows:

Which patients to test, which panels to order, and which labs to use
For Oncologists
How to standardize value-based precision medicine across the practice
For Practices
How to drive volume and enhance reimbursement
For Labs
Which tests and treatments are evidence-supported and should be reimbursed
For Payers

“Implementing precision medicine is no longer just a possibility, it is practically imperative. Cancer patients can’t wait.”
                                                     – Michael A. Caligiuri, M.D., President, City of Hope National Medical Center


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