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How can you know when and how to best use molecular testing for your patients?

Trapelo knows.

Trapelo is the first, single technology platform to enable real-time, evidence-based decision support, treatment selection and reimbursement assurance to oncologists, ensuring patients have the best chance to beat cancer. Accessible directly from the Trapelo app or through an interface with your EMR, you can know in seconds which precision medicine path is right for your patient, including appropriate clinical trials.



“For the first time, we have a fully-automated method for ordering a precision medicine test that is integrated back into our EMR and to the physician. This electronic transfer was really the 'easy button' and just as impactful as the evidence-based rules that Trapelo offers.”  - Lori Brisbin, VP Precision Medicine, Texas Oncology


Learn more about what Trapelo knows.

One platform for all?

CEO Clynt Taylor shares the vision behind Trapelo.

Trapelo for oncologists is:


  • Collaborative
    Resolves the complexities of molecular testing by enabling oncologists, labs, and payors to make better decisions faster based on the latest clinical evidence

  • Patient-centered
    A comprehensive single-order management platform that presents the latest evidence specific to a patient’s disease and clinical stage while streamlining prior-authorization and eliminating treatment delays and anxiety for patients

  • Continuously Updated
    Decision-making processes are aligned with today’s most current published clinical evidence, curated daily by PhD’s who perform continuous, meticulous content analysis

  • Actionable
    Delivers easily interpreted, actionable reports informed by individual molecular test results and a rich, unbiased, continuously updated knowledgebase, which also provides alerts about current clinical trials that may be appropriate for patients

  • Easy-to-use
    A user-friendly interface that becomes a part of everyday workflow, enabling real-time decision support, order entry, treatment selection and reimbursement assurance, all accessible directly from the Trapelo app or within existing EMRs

“Trapelo allows us to standardize and ensure the latest clinical evidence in the use of precision medicine.”

- Michael A. Caligiuri, M.D., President,

City of Hope National Medical Center


“84% of oncology survey respondents believe it is important to provide guidance to oncologists to help them navigate molecular diagnostics and targeted therapies.”

– The Academy: Quantitative Survey Analysis, 2017

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Experience our evidence-supported knowledgebase and order management platform for all major cancer types first-hand.


In this episode, author Laura Holmes Haddad shares her battle with stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer and why she believes access to clinical decision support tools is essential to helping all oncologists realize the potential of precision medicine and provide the care that patients expect.

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