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Concert Genetics and Trapelo Health Partner to Advance Molecular Oncology Decision Support

Partnership Seeks to Lower Barriers to Evidence-Based Molecular Oncology Care by Extending Trapelo’s Decision Support Solutions Through Concert’s Network of Laboratories and Health Plans

BURLINGTON, MA and NASHVILLE, TN (Dec. 10, 2020) – Concert Genetics and Trapelo Health announced today that they have partnered to provide a streamlined, integrated solution that will expand access to evidence-based, genomic-informed oncology decision support.

The partnership is built on a shared mission to improve connectivity, transparency, and alignment among the healthcare stakeholders that support the delivery of oncology care. It combines the unique strengths of the two organizations: Concert’s genetic testing data and digital infrastructure and Trapelo’s expertise in molecular oncology decision support.

For an in-depth interview with leadership from both companies listen to this episode of the Precision Medicine Podcast.



For Concert’s health plan customers, the joint solution will expand access to Trapelo’s unique decision-support capabilities, which are built on a continuously updated knowledgebase of curated evidence that is used to inform molecular testing, treatment decisions, and clinical trial recommendations. Offering this solution through Concert’s ecosystem of data integrations, customers, and users will improve transparency and accountability in the most complex and dynamic aspects of molecular oncology, providing health plans the information they need to support evidence-based care decisions. 


This partnership comes at a time when precision oncology care is rapidly advancing, bringing both new treatments and increased complexities to patient care. In the first six months of 2020, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved 21 precision oncology drugs, exceeding its total for all of 2019.[1] A 2018 report from The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America showed more than 1,100 oncology drugs in development with most requiring the use of molecular testing.[2] These advances underscore the urgent need for clinical support solutions that can be deployed now.


“Achieving the promise of precision medicine requires bringing exactly the right data to bear at the moment of truth, when diagnosis is determined and treatment decisions are made,” said Rob Metcalf, CEO of Concert Genetics. “Together, Concert and Trapelo can improve the quality and clarity of information available at that moment for the benefit of all stakeholders, especially the patient.”


“This partnership enables a first-of-its-kind approach to managing the growing complexities precision oncology,” said Clynt Taylor, CEO of Trapelo Health. “An increasing number of treatment decisions require both familial and somatic testing. Our collaboration gives stakeholders the resources and expertise to effectively manage genomic-informed decision making in the new age of cancer care.”


Concert Genetics is a software and managed services company that promotes health by providing the digital infrastructure for reliable and efficient management of genetic testing and precision medicine. Concert’s genetic testing management capabilities leverage a proprietary database of the U.S. clinical genetic testing market, market-leading expertise, and a technology platform that supports genetic test ordering, resulting, coding, coverage, and payment integrity.


Trapelo Health is an information technology company on a mission to address the challenges that result from rapid changes in the science, technology, and business of next-generation cancer care. Its product, Trapelo, is a win-win solution for doctors, labs, and payers that need real-time, evidence-based information and full transparency to make patient-based decisions faster. As part of this commitment, Trapelo is the lead sponsor of The Precision Medicine Podcast a media platform that brings together industry leaders to help accelerate the effective use of precision medicine for cancer care. Tune in and follow us on Twitter @PMPbyTrapelo and on Linked-in.


Media Contacts:

Nick Tazik, Vice President Growth, Concert Genetics, (615) 861.2634


Karan Cushman, Chief Marketing Officer, Trapelo Health, (617) 250.7572


[1] Ray, T. (2020, July 11). FDA Approves Record Number of Precision Oncology Drugs in H1 2020. Precision Oncology News.

[2]List of 2018 Medicines in Development for Cancer. (2020, May 30). PhRMA.


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