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Welcome to Season 3!

Precision Medicine is Coming Faster Than You Think: Guests Rob Metcalf and Clynt Taylor


It is fitting that our first guests on Season 3 of the Precision Medicine Podcast are Rob Metcalf, CEO of Concert Genetics and Clynt Taylor, CEO of Trapelo Health who are both innovators in precision medicine technology. What we learn from them in this episode is that after 20 years of hearing about the “promise of precision medicine,” technology has reached a critical point where it can begin to accelerate that progress.

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As Rob points out technology now makes it possible to move from the traditional, one-size-fits-all model of care to more individualized patient-focused solutions. The key, he says, is to share previously siloed data among stakeholders, including health insurance companies, health systems, physicians, labs, pharmaceutical companies, and patients. Over time, this will move us toward a more connected, efficient, and transparent information network that learns as it grows, so it can better serve the patient.

Clynt adds to that by noting that variability in precision medicine is not the problem. He points out that it is unwarranted variability that often gives payers pause, which can slow progress down and cause friction among stakeholders. He says that technology allows everyone involved in precision medicine, and specifically oncology, to move faster and more flexibly, because they can all base care decisions on the same information.


This shared belief that technology can help speed the progress of precision medicine is why Concert Genetics and Trapelo Health are now joining forces. The combined mission is to use evidence-based technologies to close the gap between point-of-care decision-making and implementation, so that precision medicine is ultimately more effective and what is best for the patient is always done the first time.


Tune in to the entire conversation above and hear what these two forward-thinking CEOs have to say about how to realize the promise of precision medicine today.

Download the full transcript of the episode here (pdf).


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About Our Guests

Rob Metcalf, CEO, Concert Genetics

Rob is the Chief Executive Officer of Concert Genetics, a leading provider of data and digital infrastructure for genetic testing and precision medicine.  Since joining Concert Genetics in 2016, Rob has spearheaded the company’s strategy to bring value to patents, providers, payers and laboratories through transparency, connectivity and efficiency.  Rob co-founded the Genetic Health Information Network Summit, and remains a vocal advocate for spurring innovation and reducing costs in health care.

Prior to joining Concert Genetics, Rob served as President & Chief Operating Officer of Digital Reasoning. Under Rob’s leadership, Digital Reasoning grew to a global leader in cognitive computing.  Rob architected the company’s strategy to use machine-learning to automate high-cost, high-value activities in financial services, law enforcement, national security and healthcare.  

Rob is an Adjunct Professor at Vanderbilt University’s Owen School of Management, where he teaches Health Economics and Public Policy. Rob earned his MBA from Harvard Business School and his A.B. from Princeton University. Rob lives in Nashville with his wife and four children.

Linked In: Rob Metcalf

Clynt Taylor, CEO, Trapelo Health

Clynt Taylor is the Chief Executive Officer of Trapelo Health and a member of the company’s board of directors. He joined the company in 2017 and brings over 20 years of experience in healthcare technology innovation, both as an entrepreneur and senior executive with startup and growing companies.


Since beginning his career at IBM, he’s held leadership roles at healthcare technology companies like NextGen, where he led sales and marketing teams; HealthVision as General Manager of its fastest-growing division (purchased by Lawson) and Galvanon as Co-founder and CEO Healthcare Solutions (purchased by NCR). Most recently, he held various senior executive roles with NantHealth - including leading the innovation, launch and commercialization of eviti, Inc., recognized today as one of the nation’s premier oncology decision-support solutions. Clynt is married with four children and lives in the Dallas area.

Twitter: @Clyntbt

LinkedIn:  Clynt Taylor

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