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How Trapelo will help payers manage the growth of precision oncology to improve care and lower costs

Chet Burrell, former CEO of CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield has witnessed the enormous growth in precision medicine and the resulting impact on payers firsthand.

He believes that existing processes and technologies are inadequate, and that a dramatic shift is needed in the way cancer is treated and managed to deliver better patient outcomes and value-based precision care.


As such, Mr. Burrell has joined the Intervention Insights Board of Directors to champion the delivery of Trapelo, a first-of-its-kind precision diagnostic platform, to payers nationwide.

Listen to Mr. Burrell's full perspective on the Precision Medicine Podcast episode below.

How Payers Can Better Manage Precision OncologyMr. Chet Burrell

“Trapelo holds the potential to play a critical role in the current evolution of cancer care by helping ensure that the right genetic test is used to detect the right marker which can then be matched with the right intervention at the point of clinical decision-making. This will lead to better patient outcomes and I am pleased to be part of this effort.”    – Chet Burrell, former CareFirst President and CEO

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