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First Application of Trapelo™ Clinical Decision Support Platform Enhances Precision Medicine Program at World-renowned Comprehensive Cancer Center

Intervention Insights’ first-of-its-kind, decision support, order management and results reporting solution for molecular testing enables real-time alignment among oncologists, labs and payers in the dynamic and increasingly complex world of precision medicine.

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BURLINGTON, MA – November 27, 2018: Intervention Insights is collaborating with City of Hope, a world-renowned independent cancer research and treatment center, to advance the appropriate use of precision medicine in oncology. By working with Intervention Insights and leveraging Trapelo™, its evidence-based technology platform, the organization will demonstrate new ways to incorporate precision medicine decision support at the point of care.

Unlike other decision support tools, Trapelo aligns the interests of providers, labs, and payers around the evidence and streamlines workflow to ensure all patients have the best chance in their battle with cancer. The use of precision medicine is fraught with complexities as well as conflicting priorities among stakeholders. Truly innovative solutions like Trapelo enable collaborations that can address the needs of all stakeholders to speed care when time matters most.


“As a leader in precision medicine, we at City of Hope understand that the space is changing rapidly and that it is important that our physicians stay ahead of these changes,” says Michael A. Caligiuri, M.D., president of City of Hope National Medical Center, and Deana and Steve Campbell Physician-in-Chief Distinguished Chair. “The flexibility of Trapelo will allow us to standardize and ensure the latest clinical evidence in the use of precision medicine is built right into our workflow. It will also allow us to incorporate our own protocols and identify patients for our clinical trials.”


Trapelo will help City of Hope more efficiently deliver innovative, value-based care. The platform aligns participating providers, molecular labs, and payers around the latest, real-time clinical evidence to facilitate the appropriate use of molecular testing while automatically complying with medical policies of patients’ insurance. This approach ensures that every patient is treated with the highest standards of precision medicine with reimbursement assurance from the start.


“We are delighted to be collaborating with a leading cancer center like City of Hope,” says Clynt Taylor, Chief Executive Officer at Intervention Insights. “COH’s involvement will lead to a deeper understanding of the practice of precision medicine and will support our commitment to continually improve our solutions to better serve physicians and their patients.”


This important collaboration will serve as a model for the effective, scalable use of precision medicine based on a coordinated and evidence-based technology solution that puts patients first.


About Intervention Insights


Intervention Insights is an information technology company on a mission to address the challenges that result from rapid changes in the science, technology and business of next-generation cancer care. Its product, Trapelo, is a win-win solution for doctors, labs and payers that need real-time, evidence-based information and full transparency to make patient-based decisions. Tune in to the Precision Medicine Podcast sponsored by Trapelo and follow us on LinkedIn.


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