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Pharmacy Friends Podcast on Precision Oncology

Pharmacy Friends, by Magellan Rx Management, is a podcast dedicated to bringing industry experts to the same table to talk about what is happening in pharmacy today and what is coming in the future.

Tune in to the episode below as Haita Makanji, Vice President of Clinical Strategy and Innovation at Magellan Rx, and Clynt Taylor, President of Trapelo discuss the rapidly evolving field of precision oncology and how it can be maximized to give cancer patients the best possible outcomes.

As more targeted therapies come to market, more patients have the hope of living a longer life. In this past record-setting year, more novel cancer medicines became available for the first time than in any year in history, and many of them employ immunology or precision biomarkers to transform the way patients are treated.

Trapelo offers the first, interoperable, decision-support platform used by oncologists, labs, and payers to inform testing and treatment, streamline workflow and facilitate real-time alignment in precision medicine. Listen and learn how precision medicine be maximized to give cancer patients the best possible outcomes.

This episode is brought to you by the Magellan Rx Management Specialty Summit. For more episodes, visit Pharmacy Friends Podcast.

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