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Precision oncology roundtable with Dr. Lee Newcomer
exclusively for health plan executives

LIVE VIRTUAL EVENT   |   August 2020
Precision oncology is exploding – learn where your health plan is falling behind and solutions for keeping pace.
This invitation-only event with Dr. Lee Newcomer, medical oncologist and former UnitedHealth executive, and Clynt Taylor, CEO of Trapelo Health, brings together health plan executives to discuss the enormous complexities and opportunities in managing precision oncology.

The 12-15% growth rate in cost of precision medicine for oncology means that the time is now to address outdated decision-making and reimbursement practices that threaten patient accessibility and the speed of progress in this area of healthcare.

Specifically, during this roundtable we will discuss the top challenges in precision medicine today, including:
  1. Providing equal access for every patient who can potentially benefit

  2. The explosion of new biomarkers, tests and therapies

  3. The enormous complexity that inhibits decision making

  4. Why traditional prior authorization can’t scale 

  5. The skyrocketing costs of testing and treatment and how no smaller cohort of your membership drives higher financial risk

For more information, please contact Deana Mason:
For more with Dr. Lee Newcomer be sure to read his recent article, It's Possible for Those Who Practice, Pay for Precision Oncology to Catch Up to Speed of Innovation, published by Managed Healthcare Executive, July 14, 2020.
We also invite to you listen to the Precision Medicine Podcast episode with Dr. Newcomer, Bringing the Payer and Provider Perspectives Together.
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