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Part 1: Resolving the “Battle Royale” Between Oncologists and Payers in Bringing Precision Oncology to Patients

Join health economics and breast cancer expert Dr. Debra Patt in this 30-minute webinar to learn how we can end what she has coined as the “battle royale” between payers and oncologists and ensure that cancer patients are getting acess to the most appropriate precision testing and therapies at the right stage of their treatment journeys. 

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About the Presenter


Debra Patt, M.D., Ph.D., MBA
Dr. Debra Patt is a practicing oncologist, breast cancer specialist, and Executive Vice President of Texas Oncology where she leads healthcare policy and strategic initiatives, breast cancer research, and multidisciplinary breast cancer tumor boards. Dr. Patt is President of the Texas Society of Clinical Oncology, Secretary for the Community Oncology Alliance and serves locally on the Austin Healthcare Council and Shivers Board. She also serves on payer relations, marketing, telemedicine, strategy, policy, management executive, marketing, and revenue cycle committees.

Dr. Patt testified before Congress to protect access to care for Medicare beneficiaries. She chairs the Council on Legislation for the Texas Medical Association and works to formulate responsible healthcare policy. She is Editor in Chief of the Journal of Clinical Oncology Clinical Cancer Informatics and drives engagement in clinical informatics solutions to enhance health. Her research focus is on clinical decision support, predictive analytics, telemedicine, HEOR, tools for patient symptom management and quality improvement. She also lectures medical students and is a clinical professor at Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin.


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