How technology will help payers manage the growth of precision oncology to improve care and lower costs

Mr. Chet Burrell, former CEO of CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield and now Executive Chairman of the Intervention Insights Board of Directors, discusses what’s happening in precision medicine today and how payers and providers can start using technology as a solution for more precise cancer care and cost management.

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  • How Payers Can Better Manage Precision Oncology
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  • Mr. Chet Burrell
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Episode Takeaways:


  • There are now nearly tens of thousands of diagnostic and genetic molecular tests and it is becoming impossible for oncologists to keep up.

  • Payers must authorize these tests and the ensuing treatments, and it is not always easy for payers to do. 

  • One answer is to assure that the tests run are actionable and will produce valid results and that oncologists are applying treatments that are connected to the results of those tests.

Mr. Burrell believes technologies like Trapelo can help smooth that process and deliver cost-savings along the way.


“Trapelo holds the potential to play a critical role in the current evolution of cancer care by helping ensure that the right genetic test is used to detect the right marker which can then be matched with the right intervention at the point of clinical decision-making. This will lead to better patient outcomes and I am pleased to be part of this effort.”    – Chet Burrell, former CareFirst President and CEO

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CEO Clynt Taylor shares the vision behind Trapelo.

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